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  • For the 9/11 meet the deadline is 9/4

  • For the 9/18 meet the deadline is 9/13

  • For the 9/25 meet the deadline is 9/20

  • FOR THE REGIONAL MEET ON 10/2 the deadline is 9/27


The NYA Championships on 10/8 is only open to those whole sign up for the 5 Meet Series. No single meet registration for this race.

 - COST:

  •  5 Meet Series: 5 races, including the Regional Meet and NYA Championships - $50

  •  Per meet: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25 -  $12 per race

  •  Regional Meet (this is included if you have registered for the 5 meet series): $15/ individual, $70 per team up to 10   runners, + $10 for teams of 11-20, + $20 for teams of 21-30 - Boys and girls register and pay as separate teams.

We never want finances to keep any athlete from competing! Please reach out to Hollee​ if you need financial assistance.

  • What does NYA do during the scholastic season?
    NYA hopes to make youth cross country and track accessible and enjoyable for everyone. During cross country, we take care of the entire meet process (at all five meets), from entries to course marking to scoring to awards. Coaches no longer have to waste time or money on administrative aspects of the cross country season. Coaches can simply focus on what they do best - coaching. No registering the team for each meet, collecting fees, or sending checks. Parents register once and you are set for the season! NYA will also take care of facilities, security, entries, timing, results, officials, awards, and basic meet insrtuction, etc. during our track season. It is important to us that young athletes learn the rules and flow of a track and cross country meet in a safe and supportive environment.
  • What if my child runs in another league?
    We have gotten a few questions about our season and how it might coincide with ongoing cross country efforts in Nashville. You are always welcome to do multiple leagues. We are open and available to everyone! But in case you are wondering, here are some differences that we note compared to the existing elementary and middle school programs.: 1) Our program is open to all athletes and all schools...more kids from all over middle TN equals more competition and more fun! No need to sign up through a school (can be home schooled). 2) Our season goes through October. Most local league finish at the end of September. You can do both, or use NYA as an extended season through October. The NYA season will culminate in our NYA XC Championship (for those who have run with all season) and then the Nashville Regional Championship (open to anyone in the region) which serves as the qualifying meet for the TN Elementary and Middle School State Cross Country Championships in Knoxville, TN. You can always just sign up for the Regional, but running the whole season with us gets you great experience for the Regional course! 3) We will provide a variety of true cross country courses in the area that will be fun, provide great scenery, and will be challenging! - except during COVID :( unfortunately the pandemic has caused us to remain at one location. Hopefully we will be back at a variety of courses soon! 4) Fast results (we post results to Milesplit and, great awards, and the most enjoyable, fun loving staff of volunteers you'll ever meet! We try hard to create an environment where kids and families can work hard and have fun doing it! We pride ourselves on cheering in every runner, encouraging cammeraderi between all athletes, and creating a fabulous experience for all abilities and interest levels. Please email us with any questions. We promise to be hassle-free and inexpensive to all in middle TN.
  • Does NYA coach our school or children?
    No. NYA will serve as your meet manager only. Schools are coached by volunteers at the school. Although, we are happy to provide helpful training plans and tips to get even the most novice coach started. Check out our Coaches' Page for more info.
  • What does it mean to be an unattached runner vs. a team runner?
    One thing: Team Scoring. All participants are eligible for individual awards and overall placement. In every race we will post results of all individuals who ran with the place and time they finished. For Cross Country, individual awards are given to the top 10 finishers per gender per division (top 15 for championship races). In track, the top 3 finishers per event are awarded ribbons (top 5 for championship races). Please note that in track, ALL HEATS must be run of an event before place awards are given. All athletes are given participation ribbons for each meet/race. So what is team scoring then? In cross country, your school must have 5 athletes per gender (per division: ES 3rd-5th grade, MS 6th-8th grade) in order to score as a team. Schools that do not have 5 athletes (per gender per division) can still participate they will just not be eligible for team awards. They will always be counted in the overall awards. In track, teams do not have to have a certain number to participate in team scoring. We will announce Team placement (and awards at championships) at each meet as well.
  • Is cross country just road races for kids?
    No. Cross country racing is done on various types of terrain such as grass, dirt, mud, and some times even requires jumping over hay bales, small water holes, and logs. In general, the races will take place a state parks, metro parks, or other open spaces and will consist of large loops with many twists, turns, and hills. This style of running can be much more taxing than road racing due to the varied terrain and well as the difference in footing and energy return from the surface, but man is it fun! There will be many locations to see your child run at the course depending on how much you want to move around to see them, so don't just wait at the finish line! Lace up your trainers and get out there too!
  • Can my athlete wear running spikes?
    Yes, all ages can run in spikes during cross country and track seasons. We recommend nothing longer than ¼ inch spike for XC and Track. Most tracks will only allow 1/4" pyramid spike (which is what most shoes come with) and anything longer than that for XC is only useful in very muudy, slick conditions.
  • My child is in 5th grade and in middle school, so why is he/she running in the 'Elementary School' division for XC?"
    We understand that in some school districts, elementary school is K-4 and middle school is 5-8, where other schools middle starts in 6th grade. In order to remain consistent with state guidelines for competition at the Regional and State level, all races will be run 3rd-5th and 6th-8th.
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