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During the spring, NYA hosts a 4 meet season for athletes in grades 2-8 to explore the sport of track.  NYA facilitates meet production for area schools and individuals. We compete at local tracks where athletes race 100m, 1600m, 400m, 800m, and 200m.  Athletes can compete as part of a school-based team, a homeschool co-op, or as unattached individuals. 

NYA will serve as your meet director and facilitator for these meets.  We do not hold practices or train athletes for this program.


All athletes will register themselves for the program (the entire 4 meet season) on TNMilesplit.  Only coaches (or parents of unattached runners) will sign up for the athlete's events each week through TNMilesplit.  You must register and pay for the full season of meets first to gain access to the event sign-up each week.



GET A TEAM STARTED AT YOUR SCHOOL: Getting a team started at your school is easy!  Once you have decided to coach or found someone who will, coaches & parents can explore our coaches' page with sample training programs, our coaches' packet, and more great info. Coaches will need to register on our website as a coach and once you do you will have access to your roster and athletes' info.  Now all that's left is for you to recruit and set a time and day for practices!  We will have a coaches' meeting to go over the ins and outs of the season. Start practicing as early as possible for the best results from your team!

TEAM SCORING: Track meets are scored as follows: 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 7 points,  4th place 6 points, 5th place 5 points, 6th place 4 points, 7th place 3 points, 8th place 2 points, 9th place 1 point.

All athletes, regardless of team status,  will receive a participation ribbon and the top 3 in each event per division will receive a place ribbon.

unattached Runners

Athletes are also welcome to compete "unattached" if a school team is not in place.  Simply register online, but be sure to still list your school!  You may be the sole representative, but I'm sure they will be proud that you are representing them.  Unattached runners will be eligible for individual place awards. Check out our Training Tips page for some ideas on how to train on your own.


Although each athlete will register for the entire season on TNMilesplit, you will additionally be responsible for selecting which events in which you wish to compete each week.  IF YOU ARE ON A TEAM your coach will do this.  If you are unattached you will need to do this yourself.  Each athlete is allowed to compete in two events at each meet.  This selection is due by the Wednesday before each race on Sunday.  We will be using tn.milesplit to register events for races.  Coaches will need to create a team on tn.milesplit and add all of their athletes. Each unattached athlete will need to create a profile as well.  You will add the meets to your schedule and then, with the code given to you by NYA upon registration, you will enter your athlete(s) in their desired events.  Again, this must be done by the Wednesday before each race.  There will be no changing events or adding events or athletes to races or registration done at the meet.  This is to ensure that the meet moves quickly and smoothly.  

At each meet, we will contest the 100m, 1600m, 400m, 800m, and 200m, in that order.  We allow unlimited entries for each event which means we may have several heats of each event.  In track, there are laned races and non-laned races.  For laned races (100, 200, and typically 400) you must remain in your lane the entire time.  Clearly, this limits the number of athletes that can run at once.  We will break the entrants into heats and once all heats are run, the winner is determined. Please bear in mind, just because your child wins their heat does not mean they have won the event.  At the first meet, our heats will be seeded randomly.  In subsequent meets, if the athlete has run that event previously, we will be able to use their seed time to sort the heats accordingly.   Distance races (800 & 1600) begin either on a waterfall start or in alleys.  On the waterfall start, they are allowed to merge into lane one as soon as safely possible, making sure they do not run into anyone. For our 2nd-5th grade athletes running in the 400, we will utilize a waterfall start as well.  For our 6th-8th grade athletes running in the 400, we will use a laned start.  We will run boys and girls separately and in 3 divisions: 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th, 6th - 8th.  We may choose to combine genders in a race like the 1600 in the interest of time.  Athletes will still be scored separately.

Unlike cross country, athletes will check-in before each event, not all at once.  Our emcee will make an announcement alerting everyone to what events are being checked in. We will make 3 "calls" and all athletes competing in that event must be checked in at the last (3rd and final) call.  At the third call, please head to our designated queue to await being escorted to your event by an official.  Failure to check in will result in a DNS (did not show) designation and the athlete will not be able to race - you cannot just show up at the line.  We will not hold up the meet for individuals who are not checked in and at the queue prior to their race.  Please be on time and listen for the calls.  The check-in tent will be located on the field.  Please reserve this area for athletes and coaches ONLY!  All spectators will need to remain in the stands or around the outside of the track.

As these meets are "developmental" we will do our best to ensure all athletes know the rules and when one is broken, we will inform them of this and how to correct it for next time.  We are not a National Championship, no one is securing their spot for the Olympics, therefore we are not in the business of disqualifying athletes.  That said, if an athlete continues to make poor choices that they have been previously advised against and our officials deem their actions harmful to the other athletes, we will DQ. 

The infield of the track is our designated warm-up area for athletes.  This is reserved for athletes and coaches only or a single parent of an unattached runner as their coach.  THE INFIELD IS NOT A SPECTATING AREA!  This includes teams.  Please have a team area designated outside the infield.  If you are on the infiled as a coach or athlete you may cheer on the runners but you must stay clear of a large area at the finish line.  This will be roped off - please respect that.  It is our job to make sure the meet runs smoothly, the times are recorded accurately and the athletes remain safe.  We have established how we will do this and it is imperative that everyone respects that.  Additionally, if you are a coach (parent coach) or athlete on the infiled and are cheering on runners you MAY NOT run alongside them.  This is considered pacing and is against the rules. You may take a few steps, but that is it.  Pacing an athlete is cause for disqualification from the race.

All our meets will utilize Fully Automatic Timing (FAT).  This is a system that takes a digital photo of the finish line to record results.  Again, it is IMPERATIVE that everyone stay clear of the finish line.  We do not want the camera to pick up something in its field of view that could negatively influence the results.  Depending on how technology is working that day, results may be posted at the meet.  Full results will be posted to tn.milesplit and our website on the evening of the meet.  Please do not enter the timing tent for any reason.  We will not be able to give you your time.  Once the results are posted, if you think there is a discrepancy please notify Hollee within 24 hours.

Schedule & 

2023 Schedule

April 16 - Overbrook School - 2:00

April 23 - Overbrook School - 2:00

April 30 - Overbrook School - 2:00

May 6 (Saturday) - Overbrook School - 2:00

All meets will begin promptly at 2:00.  We will begin "first call" for the 100 at 1:30.  The first race of the 100 will be the only race that we have a start time for.  The rest of the meet will be rolling, meaning that once an event concludes we will move on to the next one.  Therefore, we will have no way of knowing when each race starts.  Please do not ask.  Meets typically last 2.5+ hours, give or take.


Overbrook School is located at 4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205.  You will be entering the Dominican Campus from Harding Pike. Take the driveway on the right once inside the gates, and then head north toward the back of the school (tennis courts will be on your right) to reach the track.  There will be additional parking in the fields around the tennis courts.  Please note, we are guests of the Overbrook School and are allowed the use of the track only.  Do not wander around campus.


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